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Tech Industry Research


With decades of experience in the computing, communications, and semiconductor markets, both at the executive level and as media, HTVA has direct insight into industry trends, forecasts, product execution, and market impact. From whitepaper research data, event coverage, or live speaking engagements on TV, Radio, and Internet channels, our team provides specific, targeted analysis on the hottest technologies that will shape the digital landscape for generations. We cover emerging and mature markets within Computing and Semiconductor technologies, but always maintain a pulse on the cutting-edge.

Product And Market Analysis


Excellence in product development can't happen in a vacuum. Who and what are your competitors? And what does your product or product’s relative SWOT matrix really look like? If you're competing in the enterprise or client computing, datacenter, storage, VR/AR, AI, PC gaming, mobile/handset, or the IOT markets, contact us. We can help with our depth and breadth of technical knowledge. We can help with decades of experience in product testing, technical benchmarking, use-case/experiential hands-on analysis, and easy-to-digest feedback. And we can help with insight from literally hundreds of major technology brands and over three decades of tenure in the industry. 



As trusted advisers to dozens of major tech brands, we already live and breathe in the landscape you're trying to navigate. Whether you require specific product guidance, market feedback, competitive analysis, or Marketing and PR strategic planning, we've seen the best and worst of it. More importantly, we know what works and what doesn't. We'll help you achieve your goals with the critical, clear vision and relevant knowledge to become a respected industry leader.